The Orthman Strip-till rowunit

  • Front disc cutting through residue
  • Front rolling steelwheel to provide constant height in relation to the soil
  • For each row individual parrallel linkage system allows soil level imperfections to level out
  • Adjustable rowcleaning discs for to clean the strip from crop residue
  • Tillage shank to for decompacting the soil, tillage from 10 – 30 cm deep
  • Liquid manure fertilizer injector for fertilizer placement, adjustable on the shank
  • Weavy coulters for ideal 5-8 cm seedbed preparation
  • Rolling basket for braking cluths and putting pressure on the strip

For a quick start and robust germination the 1tRIPr maximizes excisting soil moisture and increases water infirltration to create a warm, consistent seedbed with uniform seed –to-soil contact.


The 1tRIPr works with dry liquid fertilizer and organic fertilizer and its independent row- depth control allows a precise placement of multiple nutrients at variable depths for efficient uptake timing


The 1tRIPr creates an ideal environment throughouh the growing cycle by shattering compaction in the root zone, eliminating subsoil voids and cavities and creating twice as many beneficial pores for improved below ground development.