Maxplacer Atlas

Maxplacer  with 12 Rows on 75 cm rowspacing for liquid manue appication, 9 M working width.

  • For Eu road regulations 3M tranport width and 4M height when folded
  • Standard Strip-till elements with Orthman 1tripr strip-till technology
  • Optional lift assist wheels which take approx 40% of total weight, pivoting lift assist wheels
  • Extra robust frame for long working life
  • Vogelssang manure distributor with 24 hoses – 2 per element – 50mm diameter hoses
  • Optional integrated Accord bock for easier connection

Advantages of 12 Row 9M workingwidth in comparison with 8 Row 6M working width:

  • Less runs in the field means less tracks and less fuel comsumption
  • Less headland turning loss in time
  • Working at same speed up to 50% more performance
  • Ideal in the combination with 12 R 75 cm planter