Introducing MAXPLACER with Strip-till technology, by VERMAC

Strip-till is a tillage technology that uses a minum tillage. It combines the soil decompaction and drying and warming benefits of convential tillage with the soil –protecting advantages of no-till by tilling ontly the portion of the soil that is to contain the seed . It uses best of both.

This type of tillage is performed with a Strip-till machine. Our Strip-till machines are build from the best components.

Advantages of Strip-till:

  • Better water management due to keeping most of natural structure of soil and promoting increase of organic matter in the soil
  • Time and diesel saving due to the 1TRIP operation, tillage fertilizer placement and seedbed preparation
  • Limit wind and water erosion due to the firm non-tilled soil between the rows
  • Achieve precise placement of fertilizer and because of that better usage of the fertilizer applied

The MAXPLACER combines the above advantages of Strip-till with liquid manure ( slurry) as fertilizer coming from animal waste and biogas waste

At this moment Strip-till is intensively used in Germany, France, and upcoming in Holland, UK and countries in Central Europe. The MAXPLACER is used mainly in corn, for sugarbeets, sunflower and rapeseed.